Second Week

This week we have had so much rain. I wake up to rain and go to sleep with rain. We have had no sun at all! I’m even in a fleece as it gets so cold at night! I never thought that this would happen in Sri Lanka!

This week we have a family from USA who have been in Nepal for 2 months. I think what a great experience to share with your family!

Wednesday we started working on the elephant walk experience path and on Thursday, as we have had so much rain Menikes path to her bed is so muddy and has pools of water so with the help of two Mahout’s, niroshan and sumudu we made a new path to her bed. Niroshan axed open at least 45 logs and the volunteers carried them to her bed. We laid then 92 logs. It looks awesome hopefully it helps Menike!

It’s Friday today, we actually had a dry morning but as I’m currently writing this it’s raining again!!!! There’s bad weather warnings this weekend. The train line from Kandy to Ella has had damage to it and is closed for 3 days. 7 people died last night somewhere in the south. Anyway I’m freezing called so gonna go and warm up!!

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