First week back

So it’s just been over a week since I’ve been back. I arrived at the airport very tired I didn’t really get much sleep on the plane someone near me kept coughing and sneezing it was so gross!!! Kept waking me up! Anyway I arrived, walked out of the airport and it was boiling, massive shock to the system as in England I have been so cold having to warm my feet up in hot water in the evening!!! So this was nice but it was too hot!!

Anyway a few hours later I arrived at MEF. Walk into my room and had a lovely present from jade. It was a wooden box full of herbal tea, such a great present, I love it!! A few hours later a game of cricket took place outside my room with the Mahout’s, some of the staff at the house and some volunteers, great to see everyone together! They took it so seriously!

The next day was Friday a half day because most volunteers like to go away at the weekend so we finish at 12 so they can go. It was just me and two other volunteers, we cleaned all of the night beds at 10, that was a massive shock to the system because it was so hot at the same time and the heat really gets to you because your busy moving about! Anyway I was knackered and was in bed by 6:30!!!

For the weekend I got myself ready for the week. Amanda was really sweet she sat in my room whilst I started unpacking! In the afternoon I went to see noona, the dog. She got hit by a car and broke her spine, she pulls herself along the floor, one of the volunteers has made her a wheelchair. Everyday we see her and clean her dressings because on her back legs she has all these wounds. I’ve been using my vet wrap so need some more to be sent as it’s the best stuff here for humans and animals!!! Noona is a a very sweet dog! And she just lies in your arms letting you clean her wounds, the first time I saw them they grossed me out but I’m getting use to it now. And you have to help so you just have to get on with it but still doesn’t make it easy.

Sunday evening we had lots of heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Dotty was so scared that she went under my bed!!!

Monday came around quickly and got back into the swing of things. Vitamins, vet heck, elephant washes, clean night beds…

In the afternoon the vet came and that was great for the volunteers to learn more, we also had lots of rain again.

Tuesday we went to Sunera we work alongside this charity with children and adults with special needs. It’s a sensory programme and it’s great fun. I love it. They are busy practicing for the play they will preform in January it’s so cute!

Wednesday we de-wormed all the elephants some don’t mind it but some hate it! We put it in bread and hide the tablets in that. Raja especially doesn’t like it so you have to pour lots of honey in his mouth because he starts spitting it out!!!

Thursday was just another normal day and then Friday we had half a day.

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